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Back to the usual topic.

Q: On Tuesday, some rather less than wholesome private pictures of a current USC Song Girl hit the internet and this was picked up by dozens of other “men’s interest” blogs in the days following, making it a national issue. So do you have any information on the reaction of those in charge of the Song Girls regarding this latest controversy? Compared to Song Girlgate, this latest controversy is far more damaging, so have the staff of the athletic department, who have tried to control the public image of the Song Girls these past few months, attempted to do anything about the pictures? Is the Song Girl in question being punished or reprimanded?

A: I’ve been tied up with some other projects but I’ll find out soon. But I won’t be surprised if the usual suspects over there blame me or the readers somehow, because they are so preoccupied with what you people think. I actually received an email from a high profile member of the dept. complaining about it over the weekend.

Q: Is it likely that the reason the Oregon game at the Coliseum was one of the slowest selling tickets due to the fact that unless people knew that they would get a good view of the great Oregon cheerleaders, they wouldn’t bother buying tickets?

A: I agree. This is the only game of the year where you want tickets in that lousy area USC sticks the visiting teams’ fans.

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