Spotight Question

I don’t really have an answer but the comments are fascinating.

Free Lendale said:
Scott, not sure you have the ability to check this out or not, but someone I know who has family associated with the Song Girls, and who is thrilled with what you’re doing here, tells me that the tall blonde who was caught cheering for Texas (Nelson?) was actually allowed to remain on the squad after she graduated from USC, thereby breaking an established rule which all other Song Girls had to abide by, due to the fact that she was the coach’s daughter. Not that I care that much, but that seems like a blatant slap in the face to some of the girls who were eligible to try out for the squad but didn’t make it due to one less spot being open.

Lindsey on 29thStreet said:
Free Lendale:

It is even more sordid than that. Her daughter’s high school friend joined the squad as a senior, became the captain within a few months over girls who had been on the squad for much longer, then was allowed to stay on the squad as a fifth year senior, despite the fact that went against the Song Girls’ own policies.

The issues with the coach’s daughter are accurate. She was also made a captain within a few months over girls who were entering their third year on the squad.

There are so many more stories of nepotism I can tell you regarding the coach of the Song Girls, your jaw would drop.

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