Answers On!

Not bad questions here.

Q: Are you completely surprised that former USC basketball coach Dave Miller has never been hired by another college basketball program in the country since “leaving” USC in 2001? Isn’t it utterly surprising that he went from being a coach on an NCAA Elite Eight team to doing basketball camps for children and no college will hire him?

A: Believe it or not, he was an assistant in the NBA with the Jazz for a season before Byron Scott fired him. Once you gain a reputation in college basketball circles, its difficult to get a job. Although I recently heard he works at the Spectrum Club in the South Bay. And of course, Prime Ticket inexplicably uses him as an analyst for USC games, which frosts some people I know in the basketball program.

Q: With another week having passed, where do we currently stand on the “Bring Back Tricia Pillsbury to USC” issue?

A: We should have something late this week.

Q: You never answered my question from the previous forum,

If you could have your all star team of USC Song Girls over history who would you select? Please have names, years of Song Girl tenure.

If you can’t answer the question, its okay. Here’s my question for this forum.

Does USC need students like Jenn Sterger and people like her to boost the team and make people forget the Song Girls like she did for Florida State?

A: No, Jenn Sterger is a little too earthy for USC. Its hard to answer this question. One of the readers reminded me of Lynne Brombach (roughly 1982-84). But there’s too many to choose from. I need to think. Readers are welcome to submit their own picks.

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