Even More Answers, Con’t.

The Pac-10 and Ronald Johnson are among the topics.

Q: What are your expectations for the Pac 10 conference in football this year when you exclude USC. Do you think that overall the conference will be weaker, stronger or about the same?

A: I think the conference is much weaker. I think Oregon; Oregon State and Cal are probably worse. But USC has some holes too, so it would not surprise me if the Trojans drop a game or two.

Q: What is the chances Ronald Johnson plays a Percy Harvin role for USC?

A: He needs to become a consistent receiver first before he takes on any type of vital role in the offense. He can be a deep threat easily.

Q: More difficult to remove from power – Saddam Hussein or the two women in charge of the Song Girls?

A: I need to consult George Bush before I answer this question.