Facebook Follies

Expect an overdrive campaign by the athletic dept. when school resumes to force all athletes to make their Facebook profiles ”private” after websites ran photos of the track team, soccer team and song girls outside their official duties.
Not that making it private is a fail-safe solution. But all in all, not a great week for USC’s image. Depending on your point of view.

More On Special Teams

Just a follow-up on the special teams topic. Some schools decide to employ a full-time special teams coach. Others do not. The conflict arises over the limit on how many coaches you can hire. When Pete Carroll gave the defensive coordinator duties to Nick Holt a couple years ago, he decided to double-up and hire an extra defensive line assistant, Dave Watson, to assist Holt, who is the defensive line coach.
Carroll could have hired a special-teams coach with the opening but chose not to. Now with Sam Anno gone, there is no official opening and he needs to scramble to fill the spot. So that meant giving additional duties to Yogi Roth.

Spotlight Question

Q: Isn’t the real reason Lil’ Romeo and his father, Master P, insisted that he got a basketball scholarship to USC, as opposed to being a walk on, the fact that he could have only gotten into USC under athletic department admissions but not through the regular admission office process?

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Real Worry

One of our readers mentioned in the Open Forum the fact several Internet sites ran some personal pictures of a USC Song Girl this week. I’d like to think this will cause a couple people in the athletic dept. to focus their attention on this more-pressing matter instead of the simple readers’ concerns about the Song Girls on this blog.
But I doubt it.

Curious Decision

Pete Carroll decided to have graduate assistant Yogi Roth handle the kickers and snappers following the departure of Sam Anno. It’s an interesting move because to my knowledge, he does not have prior experience with the kicking game.

Exception To The Rule

Here’s a quote from Pete Carroll that was posted earlier today on the running backs: ”It’s never been a problem for us. It’s a problem for everyone else that they can’t figure out why we do it that way. You saw for years that Reggie (Bush) was the poster boy and Heisman Trophy winner. LenDale White set the record for Pac-10 touchdowns.”
Uh, well, there was that famous fourth-down play against Texas when Reggie Bush was not on the field at all and LenDale White got stuffed short of the first down.
That goes down as a ”problem” for USC in our book and one time we couldn’t ”figure out why (they) do it that way.”

Pinkard update

Asked if Josh Pinkard was 100 percent, Pete Carroll said: “he should be.”
“We want to be careful loading him up too much in fall camp. We don’t want to overwork him. He’s doing everything in the workout program.”
Carroll said Pinkard would battle for playing time and can start at either corner or safety.