Answer Wednesday!

Here’s the last answer session before practices start.

Q: What is Pete Carroll’s better L.A. program?

A: Here’s the website

Q: Taking in the number of new players starting this year for USC and lack of in game experience for them including no offensive star is USC still worthy of being the No. 1 team in Rivals preseason standings and No. 2 in the coaches poll since Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Missouri, and West Virgina to name some return their starting Quarterback and main lineups or is USC ranking overrated? Where do you rank USC in your ranking.

A: I will release my rankings soon but I did feel the No. 2 ranking was a bit high, at least until USC gets a chance to prove how good it is. A victory over Ohio State would get USC in the No. 1 or No. 2 spot no matter where it ends up in the AP poll. Of course I’m not trying to make the polls important, since someone will inevitably make the comment that they are irrelevant. But the reader did ask about the rankings.

Q: What are the chances USC has a Heisman winner this season or a finalist. Who has the best chance from USC to win and is the player most likely to win?

A: With so many tailbacks like Joe McKnight and Stafon Johnson offering a balanced attack, it’s probably more likely Mark Sanchez would be the top Heisman candidate if he has a big season. Or Mitch Mustain. Who knows? But the quarterback is better positioned to be the top candidate unless McKnight starts making as many big plays as Reggie Bush. But he still needs more carries to become an every-down player.

Q: Have you heard if the people in charge of the USC Song Girls have issued any directives to current and recent members of the squad to be careful about taking or distributing any pictures that could be viewed as incriminating or embarrassing in nature?

A: I hear that is in the works. Also, several people on campus tell me one “older” member of the selection committee has completely lost his senses with his behavior this week and seems utterly stressed out over this whole song girl issue, so I’m worried some people are showing major signs if strain.

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