Answer Wednesday, Part 2

A question here about “the competition,” as Pete Carroll likes to say.

Q: We have heard a lot about the 3-4 coming in to play for this season. Do you think that this “D” will be played against only certain programs, or will it be a mixture of the 4-3 and 3-4 throughout the 2008?

A: I don’t think the 3-4 will be a vital part of the offense, especially with the desire to get Clay Matthews on the field in the nickel package.

Q: Will Pete Carroll follow the competition rules. I thinks Mitch Mustain plays bettter then Mark Sanchez, and lots more receivers on the team are better then Patrick Turner.

A: We will see. There is competition and then there is competition. Some thought Mark Sanchez deserved a shot two years ago based on his play in practice but he did not get one. There are a lot of receivers so I don’t think any one will get more reps than they deserve, at least at the outset. This week, a lot of the freshmen get more looks anyways to see where they stand. That’s why Emmanuel Moody and Jamere Holland transferred, they were upset over the reps of the freshman at the outset of last year’s camp.

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