Answer Friday, Part VIII

Back to familiar territory here.

Q: Aside from Corp’s mobility, can you point out any other reasons why the coaches favor him over Mustain and do you see this impacting Matt Barkley’s decision to come to USC?

A: I didn’t answer the second part of this question previously. If Aaron Corp increases his hold on the backup job, I don’t think it will affect Matt Barkley’s decision. Now if for some reason Corp became the No. 1 QB and held the job at the end of the season, then USC might have a problem.

Q: Can you give us details on Sarah Carmona’s apology to the squad? Was it forced upon her by the athletic dept. to save face?

A: I do not believe it was forced. I believe it was just a warning to watch what pictures can get posted on the Internet.

Q: More scandalous in 2008 – Arizona State cheerleaders or USC Song Girls?

A: Hmmm. I didn’t consider the Arizona State pictures a scandal, the real scandal was the university’s overreaction to it.

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