Two Open Forums of questions finally comes to an end.

Q: What do you see as the tailback rotation for the Oregon State game?

A: It depends on Joe McKnight’s health. He should be OK but I also think C.J. Gable, Stafon Johnson and Allen Bradford will play more in this game because the coaches know they will have some unhappy campers if they don’t play guys like Johnson and Gable more.

Q: Would it really be a USC football season without at least one player getting in trouble with the law?

A: Last year was fairly quiet, wasn’t it?

Q: How are Galippo and Luther Brown doing in rehab, and are they on track to get some decent playing time this season, so that those two plus Malcolm Smith can gain some critical seasoning this year to prep to fill our most critical need in 2009 – LB? Does Galippo project to be middle, Luther strong, and Malcolm weakside?

A: Yes, that is where they project. Galippo will be cleared for contact next week. He is practicing this week in non-contact situations. If he is healthy, he can be a very effective player. Brown is also on his way back but he’s continually fought back issues and needs to prove he can last a full season.

Q: Will Stafon Johnson’s height hurt his pro prospects?

A: It might unless his speed makes it irrelevant. But he has not played enough yet for NFL teams to make a full evaluation.

Q: Matt Leinart has now been benched and Matt Cassel is now a starter in the NFL. How much do you think dedication to the sport and off the field lifestyle choices have factored into this most ironic turn of events? The differences between these two players are night and day and should this serve as a lesson to those players who want to behave in a certain manner off the field?

A: It’s still too early to close the book on Leinart. I think the difference between the two quarterbacks is Cassel is one of those guys who never quits and doesn’t let adversity bring him down. Leinart was always talented but needed his confidence boosted by coaches. It was even like this at Mater Dei. If Arizona is not making him feel like he’s the guy, he will lose confidence.

Q: Hey scott remember when i spoke to you about your Klose jersey on the way into the game? I was hammered…..awesome!

A: I sure do remember. I’m glad to hear from you. I was worried you didn’t survive the big game. And I like to keep every supporter I have. Next time, we’ll discuss more English soccer.

Q: Scott, why the constant lack of respect for the Oregon program? You continually rank the Ducks 4 or 5 spots below the rest of the polls. You have two one loss programs ahead of the Ducks, Ohio State is understandable, but Kansas?

A: I respect Oregon as one of the best run programs in the nation. But an overtime victory over Purdue is not worthy of a big jump. If the Ducks had healthy quarterbacks, I think they could really give USC a game next month. I can only imagine if USC were on its third-string quarterback last year two games into the season.

Q: What happened to Ausberry?

A: He’s lost in the shuffle, much like Travon Patterson. Even Ronald Johnson gets lost in the mix at times. Looks like Damian Williams, Vidal Hazelton and Patrick Turner are emerging as the main guys right now.

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