Answer Tuesday, Part III

Here’s a question about Brice Butler and T.J. Bryant.

Q: How are freshmen Brice Butler and T.J. Bryant progressing so far, will either play this year or redshirt? There is little news surrounding either player. Also, do you think Cliff Harris or Gabe Lynn will commit to USC.

A: Bryant is going to get a chance to possibly play now that Shareece Wright is out. He’s been OK so far. Butler did fine in the scrimmages but there is way too much depth at wide receiver right now. D.J. Shoemate is moving around to different spots because of that logjam. David Ausberry, Ronald Johnson and Travon Patterson have barely gotten chances for the same reasons.
Lynn will be hard to get away from Oklahoma. Harris will be a lot easier, since he is a high school teammate of Tim McDonald, Jr.

Q: You mentioned that a few USC players were not listed on the participation chart for the Ohio State game, even though they actually played. Was this just a mere oversight by USC, or are you claiming that something is amiss? As a related question, how does the NCAA determine whether a player has actually played in a game for redshirt purposes? Does it rely on the participation charts? Or, is it based on a separate certification by USC?

A: Apparently, USC did not realize three players were in the game and did not list them in participation chart. The NCAA and the university usually rely on these. A few years ago, USC forgot that Ryan Powdrell played in a game on one play (opening kickoff of the season opener against Virginia Tech) and had to petition the NCAA to get his redshirt year. He was listed as playing by Virginia Tech’s stat crew.

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