Answer Monday, Part V

I saw ESPN was running a question today asking if “USC got too much love” from the poll voters for being ahead of Georgia. What do you think?

Q: Does Joe McKnight get preferential treatment among the running backs and if so, why?

A: I’ve said before that in my opinion, he brings more to the table because he is from Louisiana and did not redshirt, so there is always that chance he could transfer if he was unhappy. He was homesick briefly last year. So I think for those reasons, he gets quite a bit of attention. He is the best breakaway threat, but just like I thought USC focused too much on one back last year, I think Stafon Johnson deserves more playing time this year.

Q: Is it just me or is the only time sark can call a good game is when he has 2 or more weeks to prep for a team? I mean when you look at all the times he has 2 or more weeks to prep he is an awesome OC, but when you give him less than that he is a below average OC (see Oregon state game tonight)? What do you think? One last thing is it true rey shredded his knee and is out for the season?

A: Well, he basically had two weeks to prepare for Oregon State and I haven’t heard anyone say USC had an awesome game plan, so I don’t know about that. But every coach is usually better with more time to prepare.
Maualuga’s got a sprained knee and is getting an MRI today. Hopefully, we’ll get results tonight.

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