Answer Monday, Part VI

OK, let’s try to answer those Mexican mouthpiece and rougher crowd questions one more time.

Q: Why is Sanchez still wearing that Mexican mouthpiece which he knows is a source of controversy and opposition by many and proves he is not a team player who wears the same uniform as the rest of the team? Are the rumors circulating true that he is getting advice from an agent and the Mexican mouthpiece is considered a marketing strategy?

A: I have not noticed his mouthpiece for games but I know he was taken aback by criticism for it last season. The mouthpiece was designed by a USC dentist who makes mouthpieces for all the players and thought it would be clever to add the Mexican flag, so I know it’s not a marketing strategy. I will ask Sanchez about it later in the week. Out of curiousity, would Sanchez be criticized if he were Irish and wore a shamrock on his mouthpiece?

Q: I read the comments this past week about the current make-up of the Coliseum, especially the new rougher crowd, and do you think the following are accurate numbers for who comprises the crowd at USC football games in 2008 (at least for the Ohio State game):

USC Students: 11,000
USC Alumni: 25,000
USC Staff/Faculty: 1,500
Fans with no ties to USC: 35,000
Visiting team’s fans: 20,000

A: I don’t have much problem with this crowd assessment. And I think the 35,000 are probably where the problems arise, fans who are jumping on the bandwagon with no idea of the traditions or the atmosphere of college football. I’ve often wondered if frustrated Raiders fans would ever adopt USC because there is no NFL team in L.A. And let’s be honest, those black jerseys do not help.
All of this might seem like an overreaction, but I’ve received a lot of emails about the rough crowd at the Ohio State game.

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