Answer Tuesday!

Answer Monday continues.

Q: Can the absurd talk over the uneducated few who were claiming the past couple of weeks that Sanchez was somehow better than Booty and an improvement now be put safely to rest? Sanchez showed against Oregon State that the same problems he always had, he still has. He makes dumb decisions that Booty never made. His defeatist body language on the sidelines with 7 minutes to go was atrocious and had no business being on a Trojan sideline. The way he got rattled in a hostile environment, clueless as to what to even do, was something that would never have happened to Booty. The mistakes Sanchez made were purely his mistakes, including that ridiculous interception, which again, Booty would never have made. It is quite safe to say now that Booty was a far better quarterback than Sanchez.

A: I think it’s true that people got carried away after two games with a lot of things regarding the team. Sanchez is still gaining experience so the verdict is still out on whether he will be better than Booty. My questions remain whether Sanchez can lead USC to a comeback victory without throwing fourth-quarter interceptions.

Q: When Pete Carroll said, “The PAC-10 is ridiculously hard,” did you laugh?

A: I was on deadline but I did manage a small laugh.

Q: What do you know about the talk that Daryl Gross may be getting fired soon at Syracuse? If he is not fired, how much substance is there to the word going around that he will hire Lane Kiffen as the next Syracuse coach? Have you seen the website dedicated to firing Gross?

A: I know there is mounting pressure on Gross but he will probably survive. I’ve heard the Kiffin speculation but I think he fancies himself as getting a better job than that. He wanted the Arkansas job last year so I’m sure he would want something bigger and better than Syracuse.
As for the website, I’ve linked to it a couple times the last few weeks.

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