Answer Tuesday, Part II

Allen Bradford had three plays called for him, supposedly, but Mark Sanchez audibled the first one, Bradford got held up by a falling lineman on the second and Joe McKnight kept the ball on the third.

Q: In light of the football team getting back on track with a player having troubles with the law, I gotta ask, has any USC Song Girl ever been arrested?

A: Not to my knowledge but I’ll ask Beano Cook for a definitive answer.

Q: All the issues and doubts people had about Sanchez came true against OSU so how many more pathetic and embarrassing performances like that should we expect before the plug is pulled and Sanchez is benched in favor of a QB (whether it’s Corp, Mustain or, heck, Green) who actually has a semblance of poise on the field and not some total deer in headlights look when the student body gets on his back or is faced with a defense who can read him like a book? Seriously, how much more before he is kicked to the curb?

A: The coaches have uniformly said the problems against Oregon State were not attributed to the quarterback, so I don’t think we’ll see any changes.

Q: Do you have any insight as to what the members of the Trojan Dance Force think about the many Song Girl controversies of this year?

A: They are entertained by it all because they feel like they are treated like step-children compared to the song girls.

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