Answer Tuesday, Part III

I never got around to mentioning how stressed out some media/officials were at halftime in the pressbox at Reser Stadium. The calm facade broke down real fast with USC trailing 21-0 and panic was the official mood.

Q: Could you find out where and when the Oregon cheerleaders are having their pregame show/rally and if it is open to non-Oregon alumni/fans?

A: Excellent question. We’ll check.

Q: Mark Sanchez does not have “The IT Factor,” never had “The It Factor,” and is an interception machine. Can you really refute what I said?

A: Last week, he was one of the top three candidates for the Heisman Trophhy. Then again, I’m the one who said since last year there might be a quarterback change at some point early in the season, although it’s clear the coaches do not want one.

Q: Is it possible we can somehow blame the Oregon State loss on the song girls from this decade?

A: They were at the game and I did bump into them at the airport (talk about irony), so I guess they are as responsible as anyone else.

Q: Joe McKnight or a healthy Desmond Reed?

A: Greig Carlson.

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