Answer Tuesday, Part V

Will there be any lineup changes?

Q: Allen Bradford was not given one carry, he was needed for the 3rd and 1 plays USC missed on, and Patterson, Hazelton, Ausberry were missing against a weak secondary that kept surrunding big plays, but USC never exploited, Wright was missing.

What changes in players, play calling, and coaching will be made by USC after this terrible loss? Also will Pete Carroll after seeing the defensive line get beat up badly try to lure Ed Orgeron back or make a change since Moala, Moore, Griffitn, Spicer, and Matthews were beat badly?

A: There is talk about changes in playing time (check the Morning Buzz entry), but a lot of time this talk is just talk. Let’s see what really happens against Oregon. How many games did USC go last season without giving Stafon Johnson or even Joe McKnight a chance last season when they could have used them.

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