Answer Tuesday, Part VII

Erin Andrew, Mike Riley, Reggie Bush . . . all part of the questions and answers.

Q: What was the favorite part of your visit to Oregon?

A: Probably seeing Erin Andrews. Just kidding. Probably the electricity in the stadium during the game and knowing what a nice guy Mike Riley is, so it’s not like if USC lost to Nick Saban. And there was that halftime atmosphere in the pressbox that I mentioned earlier today, where the fan-happy sites were dumbfounded.

Q: Why are the investigations into Reggie Bush/Pete Carroll/FB and the OJ Mayo/Tim Floyd/MBB taking so painstakingly long to be resolved? Seems like the court processes are taking a while for the Reggie Bush scandal, but ESPN practically laid out the whole paper trail (including previous wrist slaps for Rodney Guillory)for the OJ Mayo scandal yet NOTHING has been said or done. What’s the deal?
Also, I believe you said once that you don’t think Tim Floyd will be the MBB coach for too much longer. Can you please expland upon that? (unless I’m mistaken)

A: The NCAA moves at a glacial rate because it does not like to be second-guessed. And it can’t really conclude the Bush case until these depositions take place. I expect the Mayo case to be resolved in the next couple months. His former agent already got suspended by the NBA Players Assn., so they must have known something.

I don’t remember saying Floyd would leave soon. I may have said it’s his last job. But it never surprises me when a coach leaves anymore, so if Floyd quit it wouldn’t surprise me because people are fickle.

Q: Okay, Florida was ranked #2 (I believe) in your poll last week. And you have stated that Ol’ Miss is a quality loss for Florida and that losing to #8 for Georgia keeps them in the top ten. If Alabama loses to Kentucky this week will the other teams fall with them? Or will you simply keep elevating LSU and Auburn? In regards to comparing Florida’s loss to SC’s loss to Ore St, could it also be that since Florida has not beat any teams of substance and has lost to Ol’ Miss at home no less, that perhaps they, too, are a pushover? Or will all three of these losses be let down games? Where teams play a great game against tough opposition let down in their next game???

A: That was what marks the great teams from the merely good teams, avoiding letdowns. For instance, Oregon State is primed for a letdown this week at Utah. USC and Florida did seem to have letdowns.
That is very unusual for Pete Carroll teams. I’m not sure why USC came out flat when it seemed pretty sharp in practices. Georgia just lost to a really good team.