Here’s the rest of the Open Forum answers.

Q: I second the question AGAIN of using McKnight. Why so much? What was promised to this kid? I understand that the kid is dangerous on punts, but when you can’t catch them or WON’T catch them doesn’t that make him dangerous in a bad way? Isn’t the goal on a punt return is to catch the ball and to maximize field position with any sort of return that is possible?

A: I concur.

Q: Any word on what time the ASU game will be at? I notice every year the University seems to drag their feet on listing at least one game until the last minute. Why is that?

A: Kickoff is 12:30 p.m. There’s a delay because ABC gets a pick a certain amount of games and can wait until 10 days before kickoff if it hasn’t reached its allotment.

Q: So 30 percent of my net worth has been wiped away in front of my eyes during the past few weeks, yet the feeling still doesn’t compare to a Trojan football loss (Vince Young, OSU and UCLA ‘O6, Stanford and Oregon ’07, OSU ’08). What is more likely to return their value by January – my stocks or the football team?

A: Buy low, sell high.

Q: Is there a problem with Everson Griffin either with his performance or attitude?

A: Initially, the latter. Lately, the former.

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