Answer Monday!

It’s the time of the week again. You can still ask a question by scrolling down to the Open Forum area if you have not asked one.

Q: What do you know about one of the first year Song Girls already having graduated from USC back in May, but she still made the squad due to “political reasons,” despite the fact that her inclusion on the squad clearly violated the Song Girls own clearly laid out policies that no girl should be allowed on the squad after she has graduated? So now we have a 23 year old first year Song Girl who has already graduated college? I won’t name her but she’s one of the few girls without a profile page (yet) on the Song Girls’ website.

A: I’m not familiar with this so this is where the readers will have to weigh in.

Q: With Song Girl Photoshopgate being exposed and brought to the public, what other Song Girl cover-ups should we be expecting to be uncovered in the next few months?

A: I don’t know, my head is still spinning from meeting the Oregon cheerleaders.

Q: At the Virginia and Oregon State games, both the advisor and coach of the USC Song Girls were in attendance, even though there were only five Song Girls at Virginia and three at Oregon States. So how absurd is it that these two women get to go to every game and have every expense paid — including hotel and airfares — when there are so few Song Girls performing at the games? I understand the need to have chaperones for the Song Girls, but why do both these women have to go and use university funds when only one needs to go and the rest of the funds could go to pay for an additional Song Girl at the away game? Does it not make more sense to spend university resources to send as many Song Girls as possible to away games rather than having them watch the games on TV in LA, while there is a complete misuse of Song Girl funds by the leadership of the squad for their own pleasure? Two chaperones for just three Song Girls? Really? Could this be considered embezzlement of university funds for personal use and gain?

A: To be honest, I also wondered why two chaperones were needed for such a small squad on these trips. I don’t know who paid or didn’t pay, but I’m always for as many song girls or band members as possible making road trips.

Q: I was hoping you could share your thoughts on the future on Lane Kiffin as far as where he may end up coaching next and the odds he’ll be successful?

A: I fully expect him to be a finalist for the Washington job, maybe Syracuse but I think he feels he’s a little bigger than that. He tried very hard to get the Arkansas job last season. Pete Carroll believes he’s matured over the past eight years and will be a successful college coach. I know he was credited with some recruiting coups (I always credit Pete Carroll in these matters). The key is going to be if he can relax and see the big picture. His personality turned people off at USC at times but maybe the Raiders experience changed him.