Answer Monday, Part II

Does anyone feel less interest in Saturday’s game because the opponent is Washington State?

Q: As a graduate of USC, I have put up with a lot of nonsense from the Song Girls this decade, but I never said anything until now. I did not really know who to complain to. I saw the decline of the squad due to political correctness, nepotism and self-interest. But this past year has been one embarrassing mess after another. Embarrassing pictures and members of the squad who would never have been able to have made the cut a decade earlier. With this latest issue of a first year Song Girl who already graduated from USC in May and has a body that is covered in tattoos and piercings, I have had enough. What could be done to replace the selection committee with people who can pick girls that have actual values and morals, that can represent the university proudly? No more lesbian pictures. No more penis beer bongs. No more all-body tattoos and absurdly huge breast implants. With all seriousness, who are these people accountable to and what does it take to get them fired? Do they not realize these trashy girls who have no values whatsoever that have been chosen to be Song Girls are adversely affecting the reputation of the university?

A: Preliminary tryouts were Sunday afternoon. Perhaps someone who went can provide a report.

Q: If the Oregon cheerleaders choose to go politically correct as the USC song girls went earlier this decade, would that not mean the terrorists have won?

A: I can only say I’m still recovering from meeting the Oregon cheerleaders last weekend.

Q: Sports Illustrated has jumped on the bandwagon in covering Song Girlgate on a near-daily basis and on the same day that they covered the numerous recent Song Girl scandals and the latest torso-length tattoo scandal, they also covered “The Day Scott Wolf Met the Oregon Cheerleaders.” Three separate mentions in one piece! Do you consider this to be critical mass?

A: I do now. Thanks for the link.

Q: Gives us a grade on each of the “O” and “D” linemen. Has anyone of the linemen really surprised or disappointed you?

A: I think Clay Matthews has been the surprise lineman so far on either side of the ball. Armond Armstead’s also been a pleasant surprise in a reserve role. On the offensive side, Alex Parsons played well against Oregon as a starter. Jeff Byers and Kris O’Dowd are reliable every game. Other than Oregon State, Fili Moala’s played well. Disappointments would be Everson Griffen, who lost his starting job to Matthews and Averell Spicer, who also got demoted after the Oregon State game.

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