Answer Monday, Part . . .

Lots and lots of questions.

Q: USC Song Girl policies state that no girl can be on the squad past the fall semester of her senior year, yet Sydnee joined the squad AFTER the fall semester of her senior year. Why?

A: I don’t know the particulars of the case but I would encourage you to email or call the advisors and ask this question. I’m on double-secret probation following photoshop-gate.

Q: What other blogs or college football writers do you like to read?

A: Hmmm. I like Beano Cook’s podcast on ESPN. And for entertainment, I’ll check

Q: Scott, thanks for not censoring your readers.
My question is, there has been an explosion of salacious and lewd scandals regarding Song Girlgate. Why has the Daily Trojan been completely ignorant and negligible in their reporting of Song Girlgate and the daily scandals that have occurred? Numerous national media outlets have picked up on Song Girlgate, yet the university’s own newspaper seem to be out of the loop and clueless with what’s been going on. Is the influence of the athletic dept. and the Song Girl leadership so powerful and far-reaching that student journalists themselves are fearful of what could happen to them if they report on this national scandal has rocked and plagued the university? Why aren’t they covering the tryouts? Why have they not tried to uncover other remaining scandals like the girls who have been selected but lack the units or aren’t qualified? Why have they not questioned the leadership for the salacious and titillating photos of male-shaped beer bongs being so tackily displayed in these girls online profiles? I am shacked at the cluelessness and the lack of journalistic coverage especially with a scandal that has captured the anger and frustration of so many.

A: Hopefully, they will cover the tryouts, with final auditions upcoming following Sunday’s prelims. If anyone has reports regarding Sunday’s prelims, they should post here.

Q: What’s the status of Broderick Green? Haven’t heard from him. With Havili questionalbe (although now he looks ready to go) will Green get some short yardage carries? The few times I’ve seen him, he’s a load! Maybe he’s red-shirting this year?

A: This question was asked before he played and fumbled a pitch against Arizona State. But he’s had frustration this season because he is buried on the depth chart and when he practices with the scout team, he is forced to go against the No. 1 defense, which makes it harder for him to move up. He doesn’t want to transfer but I think next year he will want playing time or could become an issue.

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