Answer Wednesday! (Even More)

We told you earlier about the new restaurant called McKay’s that is named after former coach John McKay. How long till someone opens Caesar’s?

Q: If Sark left, who would be candidates to replace him from both inside and outside the program?

A: Lane Kiffin, if he doesn’t get a head-coaching position. After that, we’re probably on to some NFL guys that Pete Carroll is familiar with. I doubt Carl Smith, who worked for Carroll in New England and one year at USC, would be a candidate. I think Carroll would want someone younger with a little more dynamic personality.

Q: Isn’t it true that 90% of the negative Song Girl questions and comments that get posted on this blog are actually from girls who didn’t make the cut during Song Girl tryouts in the past? And that the other 10% are from guys who’ve been rejected by Song Girls, both past and present? Or is the ratio the other way around? (I don’t know anymore because I feel stupider everytime I have to read the ridiculous comments.)

A: I don’t know who is making the comments. I know I’ve received emails from former song girls who discussed instances of favortism and that spurred some of the comments.

Q: How does Pete Carroll’s whining about the referees compare to other Pac 10 coaches?

A: I don’t think he’s known among the coaches as one of the worst violaters but since USC is so high-profile, things do get noticed. I do think USC is gaining a reputation within the league as having an out of control sideline, thanks to the rash of penalties this season, starting in the Virginia game. And the Arizona penalty could have been very costly if there were a second left on the clock, because then Arizona could have run another play to tie the game.

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