Answer Monday!

Here’s the first segment from the Song Girl Forum.

Q: When you were reading Ben Malcolmson’s final “article” on the tryouts for the Song Girls, which was full of completely over the top superlatives and comments such as the Song Girls “owe us nothing, and we owe them everything,” did you feel the value of your journalism degree from Annenberg plummet?

A: Yes, but former director Michael Parks already did enough damage before these articles.

Q: Ben Malcolmson of Pete Carroll’s website wrote the first embarrassing piece on the Song Girl tryouts the day after the event. Did it really take eight days for him to write the second piece of embarrassing propaganda filled with absurdly exaggerated levels of gushing? I know you probably do not have an answer to this, but since Malcolmson obviously reads every word on this blog (Hi Ben!), I am just asking this so he can read my question before a worldwide audience rather than a private email that no one will know about.

A: It takes time to come with a new batch of superlatives.

Q: The graduated Song Girl with a tattooed body still has no biography page on the official website for the Song Girls even though the next squad has already been chosen. The reason?

A: Hey, at least she’s still in the team photo.

Q: Did you read what Ben Malcolmson wrote on the song girls? Are you embarrassed for him for being told to write such drivel by his superiors?

A: I perused the article after one of the readers pointed it out. All I can say is, “congratulations!”

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