Answer Tuesday! (Football Forum)

Q: It appears the Trojans could have a great recruiting class this year–if you were in charge of recruiting, what are some of the things you might do to insure that it comes to fruition? Would you be doing anything differently is what I’m really asking.

A: At this point, the Southern California is almost done as far as recruiting is concerned. So USC needs to focus nationally the rest of the way, which they are doing. Winning is the most important thing to do. But it is interesting that UCLA is taking teammates of linebacker Manti T’eo, so maybe that will cause him to sign across town. If USC wanted him bad enough maybe they should have done it since wasting scholarships happens frequently anyways. Better to waste one when it guarantees a player, Tim Floyd style.

Q: Wolfie, if USC is up 42-0 at halftime, who should be more embarrassed: a) Tyrone Willingham, or b) the SG administration for only turning out an incredibly pathetic 77 girls for trouts (0.2% of the student population). Sorry, I wasn’t sure which forum to post in!

A: USC was up 42-0 at halftime and I think the 77 girls in attendance for tryouts was worse.

Q: If USC wins the Versus Conference and Penn State goes to the National Championship. Who would the Rose bowl invite to play against USC? Is the Rose Bowl allowed to invite Florida or Texas?

A: The Rose Bowl could invite a team from another conference, if that team is available and if it has been released from its own bowls. For example, last year, the Sugar Bowl refused to release Georgia when LSU went to the BCS title game. But here’s the bottom line: If Penn State does go to the national title game, the Rose Bowl should be required to pick a Big 12 team (or anyone but Ohio State) or fans should boycott the game.

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