Answer Monday! (Football Forum)

Time for the football questions, but unlike the Coliseum, this is a penalty-free zone.

Q: Now that Sarkisian has openly started criticizing Sanchez in the media by saying Sanchez does not do the things he is supposed to do, who do you think is more to blame for the issues with the offense, Sarkisian or Sanchez?

A: A coach decides who plays and is responsible for the improvement of that player. I think Steve Sarkisian admitted some tendencies Mark Sanchez might have but he is also the first to say Sanchez is his first choice to play QB. There is no QB controversy as far as Caesar and Sarkisian are concerned. I’m beginning to feel like things like clock management are becoming the big problem for the offense, which is a coaching issue.

Q: Has SC heard about Alex Stepheson’s pending waiver? Coach Floyd said either Wednesday or Thursday.

A: As of right now, USC has not heard. It could be any day.

Q: What do you think of Tim Floyd’s pattern of signing mostly wing/point guard types? It sure seems as though he should be getting commits from more post players, seeing as how Wilkinson and most likely Gibson are gone after this year. What gives?

A: I think he takes any good player he can get his hands on. It is harder to get quality big players than point guards and wings, so you never sign as many. I’d be more worried about the tendency to get commitments from players and then they never quite end up at USC and I’m not referring to academic casualities.

Q: Looks like the annual ‘ leave our OC alone ‘ blitz is on. Wolf do they approach you to join it and help them out or do they just try and stay away from you ?

A: I think they stay away from me. Or at least I hope they do.

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