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A question here about why certain players never seem to play.

Q: What are your realistic expectations for the basketball team this season? What would be a best case scenario for this team?

A: In a perfect world, with Alex Stepheson, they could make another Sweet 16 run. Right now, with Stepheson’s status uncertain, they should make the NCAA Tournament and then anything else is up in the air.

Q: Broderick Green was given only five carries and Marc Tyler had sixteen carries against Washington. Why was Green given so few carries and Tyler so many despite Green playing well two weeks ago when Tyler was injuried? Also, why is D.J. Shoemate not given any carries and why are Brandon Carswell, Travon Patterson, and David Ausberry not given more playing time at all or when the lead is big?

A: Green’s carries were limited because the writing was already on the wall about transferring. He had been talking about it for weeks. Shoemate will not get many carries at fullbacks and will have to hope for getting some pass receptions. Carswell, Patterson and Ausberry all are in a similar situation, where they need to impress the coaching staff enough to get playing time. Carswell’s been nearly invisible this season. Ausberry seemed like he broke into the rotation a couple weeks ago then disappeared again. It’s hard to explain coaching decisions.

Q: Vidal Hazelton is not redshirting since he lost his chance by barely playing against Arizona and not getting any plays his way. Despite being the leading receiver from last year, why is Vidal Hazelton not playing so much despite the team saying he is part of the game plan and finally healthy? Is a reason Pete Carroll getting revenage on him for the letter that was made public written by Hazelton’s father to Pete Carroll about USC lack of medical treatment to his son?

A: He has had a series of nagging injuries, like a concussion, in addition to his ankle problems. I don’t think the letter caused him to be benched but he sure hasn’t played much and the redshirt plan seems like a good idea now. Too bad it’s too late.

Q: When you said what were your possible top three accomplishments of Carroll at USC, you failed to mention the two national championships. Was this an oversight or do you think these other accomplishments are better?

A: I just assume everyone knows about those so I went with three other accomplishments that might not get as much attention.

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