Answer Monday! (Football Forum) Part 3

Another question about socks.

Q: Am I nutty or did Mark Sanchez wear black socks against either Washington or Cal? Did the coaching staff OK this?

A: He wore white socks but the players’ ankle tape is dark so it sometimes appears as if they are wearing dark socks.

Q: So do you think Davon Jefferson made the right decision going pro? I think he did. After all, he’s playing for Maccabi Haifa. Some say they’re the Lakers of the Middle East. If interested, you can buy a season ticket for 550 shekels.

A: And you can get a better falafel in Tel Aviv than L.A.

Q: Last year prior to the game you commented that the USC coaches were leaving their offices earlier than normal. This seemed to be a sign that after the game unfolded the way it did, that they didn’t game plan as well as they should have.
How have the coaches hours been this year for the Stanford game?

A: They left about the normal time last week. But the theory still holds because the Washington and Washington State games were early weeks. And so was Oregon State, although there was a bye week beforehand.

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