Answer Monday (SG Forum)

I believe today might be the day the new squad is officially selected.

Q: Could you interview Ben Malcomson about his “report” on the USC Song Girl tryouts and ask him, “Do you have any sense of shame?”

A: I’d rather ask Pete Carroll that question.

Q: Natalie Nelson, the daughter of the USC Song Girls coach, earned global fame when a picture showed her cheering for Texas in the 2006 BCS Championship game. Now another picture has shown up of her actually wearing a Texas uniform!

Does she have some kind of identity crises going on and is this a trend with her?

A: What about the song girl wearing a UCLA jersey?

Q: Do you secretly know who the other athletic department staffer on the Song Girl selection committee is but you are not revealing the person’s identity in order to protect the not-so-innocent?

A: No, I don’t know and I haven’t asked because you really don’t realize how delusional some of the other committee members are about this controversy and how hostile they view any inquiry. They really think the public should just be quiet and worship from afar.

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