Answer Tuesday (Football Forum, Part 2)

When is the last time USC and UCLA had byes in the same weekend in November?

Q: There seems to be a few transfers every year like Moody, Perez, and Holland. Do you see any other players transferring like Broderick Green this year or after the season? Also, are any players likely to become academically ineligble and transfer like Alfred Rowe, Josh Tatum and Vincent Joseph?

A: Almost every year, someone is academically ineligible, so I would suspect it could happen again. But it’s Novemeber and you really don’t get a sense of this until next month.

Q: If USC and OSU tie for first in conference with 1 loss each, are they co-champions or is OSU conference champion due to beating USC?

A: OSU would win and go to the Rose Bowl although USC could still claim a portion of the conference championship, much like Cal did two years ago when the Trojans won the conference title.

Q: What do you think was a bigger loss, Moody or Green? Fight On!

A: I’d say Green because he is a uniquely built back while Moody and Joe McKnight are similar-type backs.

Q: Is USC recruiting Tevin McDonald, Malcolm Jones, and Pete Thomas? And will any of them commit? Thank you.

A: USC is starting to look at a lot junior prospects right now because the 2009 class is really down to a handful of players. They are evaluating all three players you mentioned but will probably want them to come to their summer camp first.

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