Welcome Visit

It’s refreshing that fans who never travel to South Bend got a chance to hear the Notre Dame band. And they laid down a marker at halftime when they formed a car and had smoke come out the back of it.
They received a rousing round of applause at the end of the number. I especially applaud band director, USC graduate Ken Dye, who not only rebuilt the band, he has a small enough ego to let the students direct the band instead of positioning himself atop a ladder.
Art Bartner followed up with a Jackson 5 song, “I want you back.” Zzzzzzzz.

USC 24, Notre Dame 0

USC’s defense is nearly perfect as Notre Dame’s got nine yards in 20 plays. But Notre Dame is also awful. And Mark Sanchez overcame his interception and weekly fumble to complete 15 of 19 passes for 175 yards.
Chris Claiborne, Carl Smith and Joe Montana are among those watching the game.

Parting Of The Red Sea

An amazing scene took place in the first quarter. The student section is more than half empty and all the people relegated to section 29 were allowed to move over two or three sections. Thousands of people were moving across the Coliseum. It will be interesting to see what the announced attendance is tonight.