About The Beavers

USC coach Pete Carroll was asked today about the Pac-10′s bowl record and focused on Oregon State.
“You saw an Oregon State team come alive this season. They had a slow start, got going, and played great football throughout the year, and for whatever reason, that game for us was one that was not respected in a sense, and Oregon State proved that anybody who thought that was wrong about the year they had.”

Turnover Margin

Turnovers could be a critical part of tomorrow’s game. In Pete Carroll’s first five seasons, USC’s margin was between plus-1.3 and plus 1.6. But in the past three seasons, it’s dropped to plus-0.3, plus-0.2 and plus-0.4.


It’s now 4-0 for the Versus Conference in bowl games. Too bad it does not make up for the 0-4 on Sept. 13 against the Mountain West Conference, especially from USC’s perspective. That helped keep the Trojans from earning national respect and being a serious top-two contender. Now the pressure is on Caesar to avoid being the only Pac-10 team to lose.

Rally Reminder

Penn State holds its rally today at Beverly Hills High School at 3:30 p.m. The Nittany Lions band and even Joe Paterno and the football team are scheduled to appear. Parking at the high school is free (but limited).

More On Havili

USC coach Pete Carroll spoke a little bit more today regarding Stanley Havili’s situation.
“In the system of accounting for the grades, it took a long time for his grades to get through. Three of our guys are in the same situation. One reason or another. It took
awhile. He came up short units-wise, so he can’t play.”