Answer Monday, Part 4

In this segment, we compute the point spreads if USC played Texas, Florida, Alabama or Texas Tech. Did you know the Trojans would be favored by 9 points over Texas Tech at the Coliseum but it would be even if the game were in Lubbock?

Q: Scott,Thank you for the forum. I heard many people saying the main reason for the team struggles is Mark Sanchez is regressing in skill and it seems like he does not know the playbook still and the offense line is young. As a USC fan this is troubling for the team despite the Ohio State game. Many critics point that the defense has not faced a top quarterback or running back. Other teams like the Gators, Sooners, and Longhorns have great offense and defense while playing top teams. Do you feel that the current USC team despite not having a good offense and not facing tough teams will be able to beat teams like Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas,and Texas Tech? Please explain how they would matchup.] and who would win.

A: I think USC would overpower Texas Tech. The other teams would be good games with the same dilemma for USC: I do not see a consistent offensive philosophy and I think the offense is far behind these other three teams’ offense. USC has the best defense but it’s offense is still a major question mark. How it performed would determine whether it could win these games.

Q: How is the 2010 recruiting class coming along and how will the the 2009 recruiting class finish? Who are the most likely commits coming.

A: USC has two commits for 2010: Dylan Baxter from San Diego and D.J. Morgan from Taft High in Woodland Hills. The 2009 class is mostly finished but there are a few big names USC is still going after. I think it will finish strong especially with 12-1 season a real possibility.

Q: Scott, In your opinion, If USC were to play on a neutral field, which teams if any would the Las Vegas oddsmakers favor in that game and by what spread?

A: Using power rankings, USC would be a three-point favorite over Alabama and even with Texas. The Trojans would be five-point underdogs against Florida. USC would be favored over Alabama because of the action. The spreads are made for action and Las Vegas is looking for equal action. Las Vegas is not predicting who would win. If USC played AT Texas Tech, it would be even. If USC hosted Texas Tech, it would be favored by 9. On a neutral field, the Trojans are favored by 4.

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