Autograph Policy

Florida recently announced an autograph policy for the post-season:
“University of Florida football student-athletes (in particular Tim Tebow) have continued to be inundated with requests for autographs. During the weeks ahead, the UAA is strongly asking Florida fans to allow players focus to be on their rigorous schedules as successful student-athletes. The UAA has asked Tim not to fulfill these autograph requests due to their overwhelming number.
“With this in mind, the UAA is asking fans not to come to the practice field or attempt to have materials signed by members of the Florida football team throughout their preparations for their semester exams and bowl appearance. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we seek to ensure the team’s continued success at the University of Florida.”

So this means Tebow actually signed autographs for the past year after winning the Heisman Trophy? He really is the anti-Matt Leinart.