Boiling Point

I’m going to list some facts here just to illustrate how things got to where they are today.

Item: Last January, Ken Norton and Rick Neuheisel went to dinner to discuss the idea of Norton joining UCLA’s staff. Norton eventually declined.
Item: In May, UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel tried to push the embarrassing youtube USC walk-on video to recruits. The video was eventually removed from youtube by USC. UCLA denied the allegation.
Item: In July, Narbonne safety Byron Moore decommited from UCLA to USC.
Item: In October, Neuheisel went around town expressing displeasure that Pete Carroll attended two Loyola High games, a violation of NCAA viewing period rules. Carroll said he misinterpreted the rules and was kept from at least one high school game to make up for the violation.
Item: Last week, Carson tight end Morrell Presley decommited from USC to UCLA.
Item: Norton accused UCLA of saying he would leave USC and become defensive coordinator.