Answer Monday!

After a one-week hiatus for the Rose Bowl, we are back and answering all questions.

Q: Why is it so hard to post the right set of SG Q&A? I smell a “Song Girl Gate: Blog Edition” conspiracy.

Q: The so-called “razor-sharp” questions from the previous Song Girls forum still have not been answered, despite THREE different attempts? The post “Mystery Of The Missing Answers” answered questions that had already been posted, not the previous ones that were and still are missing. Is the truth being suppressed by the women in charge of the Song Girls?

A: I have to admit that although I am not a conspiracy buff, I’m beginning to believe in one because of the disappearance of those answers. Someone did not want those questions answered and I will let the readers draw their own conclusions.

Q: I received a news flash today informing me that WeAreSC will be tackling such crucial bowl issues over the next week as “which Trojan consumed the most prime rib [at Lawry’s], and which side dish was popular with various team units.” What hard-hitting investigative pieces are you working on that can possibly compare?

A: You probably missed it but I uncovered last week what video games are the favorite of Mark Sanchez, whether Taylor Mays prefers to beat Penn State by six or seven touchdowns and why Pete Carroll is just so psyched and jacked about being the nation’s best coach.

Q: Do you know if former running back Michael Coleman will be walking on to USC next yeat? Also, what are the chances of Vincent Joseph or Alfred Rowe returning?

A: Coleman wants to return but still must discuss this with Pete Carroll. Neither Rowe nor Jospeh will return. Once you are academically disqualified, you must be readmitted to the university and have the required grades for consideration. Rowe was talking to several schools but not USC about enrollment for next year. Joseph was looking to tryout with an Arena Football League team before the league took the year off.

Q: Will you be posing with the Penn State song girls ?

A: I made an audible and decided to pose with Erin Andrews plus another set of cheerleaders which will be revealed today.

Q: How much credit would you give to Ken Norton for the development of the LBs? Is he a good coach?

A: I think he relates to the players and is respected by them because of his NFL background. So I think his off-field contribution is worthwhile to player development.

Q: Do you know who leaked Hazeltons’ dads’ E-mail letter to PC to the media — and, if so, can you tell us who it was, what was the purpose, and, was that the start of Vidal’s real, real problems?

A: Vidal Hazelton’s father, Dexter, does not even know who leaked the letter to the Internet. The purpose was to show the public that Hazelton was frustrated over his injury, the treatment of it and the fact he could not get a redshirt year. It was not the start of the problems but it’s not a stretch to say it played some role in his transfer or helped fan the flames regarding some of the problems between him and coaching staff.

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