Answer Monday (Football Forum, Part 2)

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Q: On those live chats, are the questions screened first before they appear, in case someone would be profane, or personal or something? The reason I ask is that as the night wears on, my questions appear sometimes virtuously instantaneusly.

A: There is a delay on the chats. But part of the reason is because there are so many questions being asked that the system cannot handle posting them instantly. However, my chats usually last at least 2-3 hours and my last one was eight hours, so eventually questions get answered.

Q: Do you know which of the USC recruits will be declaring their intentions during the Under Armour and Army All Star games?

A: None. And as I mentioned Sunday night, I’m starting to wonder about the effectiveness of recruiting this week with USC down two coaches as Nick Holt is in Seattle today interviewing the defensive coordinator’s job.
Q: Do you see the secondary mainly the cornerbacks as a weakness in two years for USC in 2010, Kevin Thomas will graduate next year, Shareece Wright may stay for his fifth year, and TJ Bryant will be a junior , besides them there is no depth. The only conerback for 2009 is commit Torrin Harris and Pete Carroll would never start or play a true freshman. So do the cornerbacks hurt USC chances?

A: Yes, I do worry about the CB position in two years. There are some other options besides those mentioned. Marshall Jones might play CB and Brian Baucham redshirted this year. I hear Torrin Harris is a pretty good prospect so I’m sure he’ll be in the mix too with a year’s experience. That said, USC will probably have to sign 2-3 corners next year and it should be easy to lure some of the top guys knowing that playing time will not be an issue. It’s sort of the opposite of every other position where depth works against USC.

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