Answer Monday (Football Forum, Part 4)

This segment is brought you by Corvallis, Ore., the only Pac-10 city that wishes USC would play every game there.

Q: You stated that Havili was academically ineligible “for now.” Why is he academically ineligible? Why did you say “for now.” What is the gray area? How can he become eligible? Any info is greatly appreciated.

A: The NCAA requires a minimum number of units passed in a semester to remain eligible during that sport’s season (6). If you do not pass, you are ineligible for the rest of the semester but you can make it up the next semester. Since football ends before the start of the spring semester, it does not carry over. The catch is you have to make those classes up in the spring/summer to be eligible for the following season.

Q: Re the ‘live chats’, do all questions get thru and are posted for all to see, assuming they are not profane or personal,etc.,as someone else mentioned above, or are some just blocked out because the computer gets overloaded at times? A couple of my straight football questions never appeared, so I’m thinking maybe computer overload at times. Thanks.

A: A couple times the chat software ate the questions when the backlog became too big. I’m trying to find out from our tech people how this happened and might switch to a different software if it cannot be fixed.

Q: Over the years,when a recruit changes from a solid verbal to a soft verbal, do you have a feeling for about what percentage of them honor their original solid verbal at SC?

A: Usually, the majority of soft verbals stick with their original choice and this applies to every college. However, everyone remembers the ones who do not stick with it and they receive the greater share publicity. The problem today is that more recruits seem to commit early, then realize they want to visit other schools and take a look around. Everyone should take verbals with a grain of salt because they not binding.

Q: Do you get the sense now, Scott, that the team is taking the same mental approach for the game as it would if it were playing for the national title?

A: The quick answer is yes, USC took the same mental approach. But the truth is that things are different than if the Trojans played in the national title game. The atmosphere is different. The excitement level is different. The last two years, Pete Carroll had to make sure the players were up for the game, which ultimately, they were. If it were the national title game, he would be worried that they might become too excited and play with too much emotion.

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