Answer Tuesday! Song Girl Forum

I spoke to USC song girl Keli Snyder at the basketball game Sunday night and told her the readers were disappointed she was not selected for the new squad. Keli told me recently got some good news when she received an internship at a local TV station.

Q: Did you see this amazing interview with Amanda Pflugrad, the now-legendary Oregon cheerleader?

She says she’s a journalism major!

A: Amanda Pflugrad, Tricia Pillsbury, Keli Snyder. Journalism majors!

Q: Considering how the USC sports information office will no longer provide you any pictures of the song girls (assuming they ever did in the first place), have you thought about looking in the Daily News archives for photographs of the glory years era of the song girls?

A: Unfortunately, our photographers were not shooting the song girls in the 1980’s, at least not in the pictures I’ve seen in our library. There are some cool shots that sports information has but it’s highly unlikely I would be allowed to run them.

Q: In light of all the random girls with questionable morals who somehow manged to become Song Girls this decade and went on to behave in incriminating and embarrassing ways in public, dragging the once-proud name and reputation of the USC Song Girls through the mud, is there currently any discussion of implementing background checks in the future for the girls who try out for the squad?

A: I have not heard of any background checks but I’d recommend a Facebook and MySpace check.

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