Answer Wednesday (SG Pforum, Part 4)

Someone wants a poll.

Q: Does fucla also prohibit the opposing school’s song girls from coming to the basketball arena? Or does SC do it so there won’t be any embarrassing comparisons made?

A: The ban only extends to the USC-UCLA rivalry. I find it ridiculous but last year UCLA said it had no room for USC’s band or song girls or dance force and then USC responded by enacting a similar ban at the Galen Center. It just takes away what is a supposed to be a unique rivalry.

Q: For those of us who cling to tradition…not matter how old fashioned that may be:

The current “cheerleaders” are officially referred to as the “spirit squad”. Thankfully the University is indulging us old guys by not calling them cheerleaders. For those who care, no straight yell king ever led a “cheer”…we only led YELLS…something the current spirit squad seems incapable of “leading”, even with their pre printed signs. So my question to SW is why don’t you begin a poll asking your legion of followers:

(maybe you can get Petros to help promote it?)

Who was the greatest Yell King of all Time?

At the same time, why don’t you run a poll for the best looking Song Girl of all time?

A: We will take those suggestions under advisement

Q: USC Song Girl sweaters can cover up all-torso tattoos and any extra weight around the waist completely, but have you noticed no such camouflage and deception is afforded by the midriff-bearing uniforms of the Oregon cheerleaders? Completely honesty and transparency, no?

A: I’ve always been a proponent of transperency.

Q: Was that the imfamous Natalie Nelson giving you the stank eye when you were with the lovely USC Cheerleaders? Maybe with 2009 having a new President, maybe Barack Obama’s first duty of president for change in this country, is to change the song girls with the lovely cheerleaders!

A: Actually, that was someone else in the background of the picture.

Q: What is sweeter – a jar of honey or Amanda Pflugrad?

A: Again, it’s all about Amanda.

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