Answer Monday! (Part 10)

Mark Sanchez continues to dominate the airwaves.

Q: I think you wrote a while back that Mark was way ahead of the other QB’s, and then lately you wrote that his leaving wouldn’t make that much difference. Could you correct me if I am wrong,and/or clarify just what you meant and why?

A: Mark Sanchez was way ahead of the QBs. And I said it didn’t make much difference because the simple truth is no one is irreplaceable. What I mean is after spring practice and fall training camp, one of the training camps will be ready to play. It’s always been that way, whether it was John David Booty or Sanchez.

Q: Was Kennedy Pola ever in the Yes Wing of the Carroll Administration and do you have any thoughts about how this infamous crop of running backs, namely McKnight, might have developed under his (Pola’s) tutleage?
(A friend of mine used to work on the equipment staff and has a few great sidelines stories about Bush in tears freshman year after experiencing Pola’s outward dissatisfaction with too much juking replacing straight-ahead running and/or lack of protecting the football on carries.)

A: Pola was great at motivating running backs and getting in their face if they did not pull their weight. That’s what made him a great coach. He did leave under strained circumstances, however.

Q: Re Vidal, was anyone else upset with him besides Morton and Sark; was he considered a malinger? I remember you said this was a long, sensitive subject, but could you elaborate as much as possible without hurting anyone? As it stands now, it just doesn’t make any sense that he wasn’t allowed to redshirt.

A: There were personality conflicts that stemmed over two years and it was not one specific incident. Things did reach a boil at the Notre Dame and that led to the immediate transfer. Hazelton could be immature and he would admit that. But part of coaching at a place like USC is learning to deal with the personalities of all the players who come in with big reputations. The bottom line is he was not allowed to redshirt and I believe it was to get him out of the program as soon as possible.