Et Tu, Brute?

We held out for a couple weeks, but from now on Washington coach Steve Sarkisian will officially be known as Brutus on this blog, after his strategy to try and turn USC commitments James Boyd and Simione Vehikite to the Huskies backfired.
It might not be unethical (it’s competing!) but it’s sure frayed a relationship that seemed like a father-son pairing over the years at USC.
The nickname was sealed when you consider Caesar’s quote, “You too my son, will have a taste of power.”
So far, that power seems to be getting misused as much as anything else. But perhaps this is somewhat fitting, as Norm Chow’s considered his one-time protege a Brutus for three years now.
Do we get prophetic points for coming up with the Caesar nickname for Pete Carroll now?

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