Fair-Weather Fans

Did anyone else notice people leaving the basketball game during the timeouts with 14 seconds left and the Trojans clinging to a one-point lead? Many were the fat booster types, which is even more shocking because they are supposed to be the die-hard supporters.
Quite a sight for one of the most thrilling endings at the Galen Center.

Te’o Time

Linebacker Manti Te’o and defensive end James Boyd, who started their official campus visits earlier than usual, are scheduled to have lunch at the Galen Center today. So if you are on campus, you can have the rare privilege of seeing Te’o during his recruiting visit and ask him where he really will go to school.

Big Monday

Even if you cannot stand women’s basketball, this might be worth watching.
Bobby Knight, the winningest coach in Division I men’s college basketball with 902 victories, will provide color commentary on Monday night’s Tennessee-Oklahoma women’s basketball game as Vols coach Pat Summitt goes for her 1,000th career win on ESPN2.
“Anyone who wins 1,000 times at anything is special,” said Knight.
That doesn’t quite sound like he respects women’s basketball, so who knows what he might let slip during the actual telecast.

Et Tu, Brute?

We held out for a couple weeks, but from now on Washington coach Steve Sarkisian will officially be known as Brutus on this blog, after his strategy to try and turn USC commitments James Boyd and Simione Vehikite to the Huskies backfired.
It might not be unethical (it’s competing!) but it’s sure frayed a relationship that seemed like a father-son pairing over the years at USC.
The nickname was sealed when you consider Caesar’s quote, “You too my son, will have a taste of power.”
So far, that power seems to be getting misused as much as anything else. But perhaps this is somewhat fitting, as Norm Chow’s considered his one-time protege a Brutus for three years now.
Do we get prophetic points for coming up with the Caesar nickname for Pete Carroll now?

Morning Buzz

Defensive end James Boyd attended Thursday night’s USC-Stanford basketball game. Linebacker Manti Te’o’s flight from Hawaii arrived too late to attend the game but he was met by members of the coaching staff and will be on campus today.

Moala Preparation

Defensive tackle Fili Moala is preparing for the NFL draft by working out at the Home Depot Center in Carson. It’s the same place where his former teammate, Travis Tofi, is working out as he attempts to become a boxer.