Answer Monday (Part 4)

I volunteered to write Pete Carroll’s twitter updates but I don’t know enough songs from the 1970’s. Hey, maybe this is the perfect job for Art Bartner!

Q: RB said:

Can you provide any insight as to why USC has so many “soft verbals” this year? Is the instability of the coaching staff or playing as freshman the main concern? Or both?

Secondly, has Coach Carroll been involved as much this year with hands on recruiting as in prior years, it seems like recently he has stepped it up, but during the year it appears that coaches Sarkisian & Holt were the closers along with coaches Norton & Ruel.

Lastly, does Brendan Carroll actually bring value to the process or is he going through the motions?

A: The reason there are so many soft verbals is USC took too many early commitments because it was not happy UCLA got so many early verbals the year before. A lot of these kids barely knew who was recruiting them when they committed. And they were recruited by a lot of schools. Some of them saw who else committed. Or realized they might not fit into the scheme, like Morrell Presley. This is the risk you take when you get so many early commitments. USC would argue that if it loses 2-3, it still got seven or eight others it might have lost if it waited.

Q: asdf8 said:
Petros Papadakis: love him or hate him?

A: This question seems to come up often, so let’s just cut and paste our response from now on: Haterade.

Q: trooojan02 said:
Is Pete helping Sanchez prepare for the combine/Pro day or is Sanchez on his own?
Beckham plays for galaxy or AC Milan at the end of the loan?

A: Sanchez is working out on his own. Beckham will not be back in L.A.

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