Song Girls Forum Saturday


Now that signing day is over, it’s time to focus on answering the pressing issues of the day.

Q: RunTravelerRun said:
How’s recruiting going with the Song Girls? Any silent commits, and is SC trying to steal any Oregon recruits?

A: So far I hear Oregon’s ranked No. 1 by Rivals, Scout and ESPN, but it’s still early and anything can happen. Tom Lemming has Notre Dame ranked No. 1.

Q: Now that her father is no longer on the Oregon staff, do you know whether Amanda Pflugrad will try out for the next cheerleading squad? This is where your connections with the Oregon cheer coach come in handy. The people must know whether it is in their best interests to make the trip up to Eugene next season.

A: Before the trip to Eugene comes the Pac-10 Tournament play-in game on Wednesday night. Oregon cheerleaders will be in attendance at Staples Center. I hear Amanda intends to remain at Oregon.

Q: When the USC Song Girls of this decade have had any scandals in the recent past, have you noticed they each always have TWO completely different and unrelated scandals. Consider:

1) A Song Girl is caught cheering for UCLA on national television AND then she exposes her buttocks on national television a month later.
2) A former Song Girl has pictures of herself with a beer bong in the shape of male genitalia AND also private pictures of her engaging in lesbian activities with multiple women become public.
3) Song Girl Natalie Nelson is caught on camera cheering for Texas AND additional pictures are later made public showing her in Texas attire.
4) Following on from #3 above, Natalie Nelson was involved with TWO football players AND an inappropriate picture of her riding a mechanical bull on her 21st birthday become an internet sensation.
5) Pictures showing a Song Girl with an all-torso tattoo become public with a T-shirt cover-up at Swim With Mike AND it also turns out this first year Song Girl had already graduated from USC.
6) Private pictures of a Song Girl with huge fake breasts (I suppose these could as the TWO!) make the rounds of the internet AND also pictures of this Song Girl engaging in underage drinking in Las Vegas.

So each time a Song Girl had had a scandal, she has had two completely different scandals. It is a bizarre trend and has been the case each time without exception. So the next time there is another Song Girl internet scandal, that girl will have two separate issues to contend with at the same time. Do you see this inevitable trend?

A: This sounds like the theory that celebrities always die in threes. I can’t wait for the next scandal to test this theory to the fullest.

Q: CSB Author Profile Page said:

Celeste Fremon, the writer of the ultimate investigative journalism article on the Song Girls, now has a blog called Witness LA which covers injustice in Los Angeles. Have you thought about joining forces with Ms Fremon to uncover the ultimate injustice in modern-day Los Angeles – why Keli Snyder was cut from the Song Girls?

A: Now that signing date has passed, I intend to go to Annenberg and ask Celeste Fremon to put her investigative skills back to work on important matters.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:

Amanda Pflugrad now has a facebook fan club site. Will you be joining?

A: Sure, why not.

Q: Busted Coverage recently did a piece on the 2009 Song Girls and came up with several statements including “At least 3-4 of these girls are not up to usual Song Girl standards.” So if Busted Coverage, the site that gushes about everything to do with the Song Girls, thinks there are problems with the Song Girls, surely the problem is real and not imaginary, right?

A: Yes, that would kind of be like ripsit saying the recruiting class is not up to normal standards or that Mark Sanchez made a huge mistake by going pro. Oh wait . . .

Q: East Coast Trojan said:

Are you able to confirm all the song girls on the new squad are actually enrolled students at USC and there are no girls who have already graduated from the university and are violating the squad’s policies like several other cases in the past two or three years?

A: It depends on whether or not they are from the South Bay.

Q: 29th Street said:

Will Amanda Pflugrad be in LA for the Pac-10 Tournament?

A: I am told, yes.

Q: gotroy22 said:

Are any of the new song girls members of USC sororities?

A: I’m going to go out on a limb and say yes.