Answer Thursday! (SG Forum, Part 2)


Q: Ellendale said:
Bono is known for championing every cause celebre no matter how unrelated it happens to be to him, Irish citizens, and musicians. When should we expect him to chime in on Keligate?

A: It’s on his agenda, right after he deals with all his projects in Africa.

Q: George in Marin County said:
Which of the following is not an issue of transparency:

A) The Oregon cheerleaders have a TV show, “The Cheerleaders of Oregon,” covering their tryout process.
B) The UCLA cheerleaders open their tryouts for the public to observe.
C) The USC Song Girls spend the night in a haunted abandoned hospital on the E! TV show “Hot Girls in Scary Places.”

A: How about D.) People getting kicked out of the Lyon Center during song girl tryouts.

Q: anony4321 said:
Do you agree that the collaboration of the Song Girls of this decade and E! channel’s “Hot Girls in Scary Places” as the ultimate perfect pairing, knowing the reputations of both?
Denise Richards, the Kardashian sisters, Kimora Lee Simmons…and now, our very Song Girls will be joining this pantheon of classy and respectable women.
I have never seen a group so determined in sullying a beloved and classy tradition into one of public tacky tittilation.

A: What time’s the first showing on E! again?