Answer Friday (SG Forum)

What will you Tivo if USC plays a basketball game opposite Hot Girls in Scary Places?

Q: USCinema said:
I have been racking my brain for the past week trying to figure out why in this world the women in charge of the USC Song Girls would agree to further sully the already-severely damaged reputation of a once-proud institution even more by having them appear on an embarrassing basic cable TV show called “Hot Girls in Scary Places” and I had no answer. Simply couldn’t figure it out.

Then it became so clear to me and it’s pure genius. Just genius.

Could it be the advisors of the Song Girls were trying to figure out what went so very dreadfully wrong with the squad this decade and figured they could find answers by having current squad members seek out the ghosts of Song Girls past?

A: Yes, a seance will be the elixir to all problems. Perhaps there will be a USC basketball installment and maybe a football episode on Oregon State to solve all the ills of athletics.

Q: Brad’03 said:
ESPN has been promoting “package deals” at major American universities and all the negative and sleazy connotations that come with it, but how come no one has done a story about the positive aspects of package deals, namely the Pflugrads at Oregon?

A: Exactly! I’m not against package deals. I just wish USC made one for the Pflugrads.

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