More Sanchez

Here’s another take on Sanchez from SI.
“Mark Sanchez/QB/USC: Sanchez struggled most of the day and may have pushed himself out of the draft’s first 10 selections. He was accurate throwing between the numbers, but Sanchez sprayed the outs and was very inaccurate with his deep outs. Most worrisome is Sanchez showed marginal arm strength and on a number of occasions receivers were slowing up in their deep patterns as his passes were underthrown.”

NFL Combine Review

Here’s a negative review of Mark Sanchez’s combine performance from Sports Illustrated.
“Southern Cal’s Sanchez did nothing to make anyone believe he’s top 10 material at this point. He struggled quite a bit on passes he threw outside the numbers, near the sidelines, and only looked great on slant patterns. I expect any potential chatter about Sanchez being a real option for the Lions at No. 1 to all but evaporate unless he has a boffo pro day workout next month.”