Road Trip

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo defeated USC 7-5 tonight in the Trojans’ first road game since March 8. It was not an upset, however, because Cal Poly is ranked No. 23.

Quick Thought

As a former student and someone who spends quite a bit of time around campus, I continue to wonder why USC will not build a pedestrian bridge at the intersection of Jefferson and Hoover where freshman Adrianna Bachan was tragically killed by a hit-and-run driver.
And it’s not just there. What about on Figueroa, where athletes cross daily to go to the Galen Center. Not to mention fans who attend basketball games.

Practice Recap

A mixed day for Matt Barkley, who had two passes intercepted by Drew McAllister. Mitch Mustain threw an interception at the end of practice. Both quarterbacks also had some good moments.
Right now, Barkley looks a lot like he did at Mater Dei. He makes some very impressive throws and also throws some interceptions.[EP
“He made a statement to after practice that he needs to learn to check the ball down (and throw to the running backs),” quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates said. “You’ve got to take what they give you. He’s very hard on himself.”

Speculation Time

Tim Floyd’s name is already popping up regarding the Memphis job. My first thought is he would not want the stress of following John Calipari and expectations from going to three of the past four Elite Eights.