Answer Monday!

It’s time to answer questions after a two-week hiatus from one of our most-popular features.

Q: Gordon said:
When Winston Justice, Eric Wright and Mark Sanchez were caught without their pants on, they were all arrested by the police. But when the Tings do it, it’s considered art?

A: Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Q: Sharkeez Happy Hour said:
There has been a lot of talk during the Pete Carroll era that the USC football players have not been particularly intelligent and have hearkened back to the dark days of 1960s and 1970s Trojan football. Now comes word that Taylor Mays actually met Amanda Pflugrad during his recruiting visit to the University of Oregon and yet ended up committing to USC instead.

Is it possible we can have Mays undergo an IQ and eye test?

A: I’ve asked the same question myself to Taylor and he pleads guilty as charged.

Q: XmanX said:
Hey scott could you comment on the coaching situation of the wome’s basketball team.. Assuming Mark Trakh will not return is there are a list of replacements floating around??

Now about our baseball coach.. What exactly is his contract situation??

A: I’ve heard Trakh will not be back and I’ve heard a replacement’s already been zeroed in on. Remember three years ago, USC hired Chad Kreuter the same day it fired Mike Gillespie. Speaking of Kreuter, I’ve heard his contract is up this year, so it will be interesting to see what happens after the season.

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