Answer Monday! (Part 2)

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Q: ftfo2009 said:
How much Brice Butler and DJ Shoemate do you think we’ll see next year?

A: This will be one of the questions of the season. Right now, David Ausberry probably has the inside track to the No. 3 receiver spot but there’s an opportunity for guys like Butler and Shoemate, plus Jordan Cameron and Travon Patterson. I think the coaches will want to see Butler at some point after he redshirted last season, so I think he’ll get into the rotation.

Q: George in Marin County said:

Have you noticed the striking resemblance between Ronald McDonald’s friend Grimace and Charlie Weis?

A: Well, I guess it’s better than being Mayor McCheese.

Q: Zumberge Era said:
Matt Cassel is used as an example by Pete Carroll as someone who worked hard and made a great career in football despite the overwhelming odds against him.

So is Carroll now telling players on the roster that if things don’t work out for them as football players, they should gain hope by viewing the Tings as their role models and know that they, too, can make a career by being photographed with their pants off?

A: He only says that if the players in question are twins.

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